when i'm trying to open my two app and i just tap open like for some reason it just kind of freezes and then it doesn't open um so i don't know what the issue is here okay so now it's kind of opened it wants me to send some notifications do i need to create an account so i can create an account here is facebook google sms wechat and then okay let's try to sign in here so now uh it wants me to add some like login number so yep there you have it i just created an account it can help me out probably in managing all the creations and all the my photo editing activities so if i just go to photo editing i just need to select some kind of album so for example if i have this photo okay some old chairs i can just select like auto so now it's editing this like there are so many different pictures okay i can approach this one there are a lot of filters here which you can use down on snapchat or tick tock then you can add like a beauty retouch templates so of course it's better to use this app with some kind of selfie as you can see i like slim reshape makeup out of sorts it's using ai technology to reshape your selfies and to make them better uh so that's the idea of the app um that's how it works there all these kind of stickers are all kind of frames magic brush retouch collage so you can create a collage from your photos in this app it also offers video editing but of course there are ads video retouch so all these kind of filters in one app so it's for sure nice photo editing app if you want to avoid ads you can just upgrade to vip here just for 29.99 yearly subscription or monthly subscription for 4.99 so that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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