Meitu app - Photo & Video editor - app overview

so here is this viral app called my two photo and video editor filters and selfie retouch there are a lot of apps in this category which uh basically right now in the top charts of like overall in US App Store why because they all Now using this AI art feature where you can basically generate avatars based on your own selfies this is like a new hype I think a lot of these apps are just using this type of diffusion API where you can generate all these images just based on the Southeast Europe lot and I tried like some of this app is pretty amazing actually it's almost there like I wouldn't say that the AI there is like really you know like super realistic and but it's getting there of course there are some bugs and some issues but of course it's probably just the first iteration and yeah it will just get better but the idea is like you know if you don't have some good selfie photo or something like that you can just use one of those apps and you can really generate great selfie photo and it won't be just like retouch of your current selfie like you know in previous apps what you could have done is just like uh uh uh like you know white and your teeth or uh like you know change background or something like that but here it's not that here you can completely uh yeah just uh yeah generate new photos so anyhow let's just open it up and let's see so here that's what you can do you can just allow to send notifications and then you can see all of these images you can see retouch and then probably you just need to select photo you can give access to the photo like so for example if I select this so here I can just generate it or change the all the effects that's that's cool but I was just also curious how can I just do this AI art here of course there are like so many ads here so here is product camera beautify collage and then here you can see yeah so basically I don't think that there is AI art feature yet in this app but basically that's the idea uh so yeah this is how it works uh yeah so something like that then there are some templates uh which you can try out you can see some retouches so yeah something like that uh of course you can also as you can see you can use AI art but I don't know if uh yeah probably there is like anima Avatar so something like that you can also try this so yeah pretty fun uh so there you have it uh that's the app there are a bunch of other apps which are going well right now because of this so here you have Lancer AI you have ai art app those really have ai Avatar features so yep that's basically the idea uh uh hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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