Melania Trump's NFT - what you should know? - podcast

Melania Trump's NFT - what you should know? - podcast

Melania Trump's NFT - what you should know?
What is Melania's NFT & how to get?


Speaker 1: Hey, everyone. So welcome to my podcast here. I often describe some cool tech events, some interesting news wars, events are mostly just some interesting apps and technology you should know about. So today our topic is not really about like app, but there is this news that Melania Trump has launched her own NFT.

Speaker 1: So yeah, obviously it's breaking the news.

Speaker 1: And yeah, I will just try to explore what is it like how to buy it and just my thoughts on it.

Speaker 1: So basically, what is that?

Speaker 1: There is a new NXT which is a nonfungible token and it's like a digital asset, typically pictures, songs or videos bought in an online marketplace. Sort of blockchain. A lot of people got actually quite rich during just this autumn. Maybe you've heard about like board apes, crypto banks. Nfds.

Speaker 1: Usually you can buy them on a separate large marketplace such as Open Sea, which is one of the biggest marketplace there.

Speaker 1: So now there is a new NFT. So Melania decided to put her NFT not on Openc, but just on her own website melaniatromp. Com. And this NFT is named Melania's Vision. This NFT can only be bought between 16th and 31st December with Solana cryptocurrency or old fashioned credit card.

Speaker 1: So first, like Openc and some major. And if you market places based on the Iterian blockchain, but iterian blockchain, of course, is the major network, but it has a downside, which is mainly the gas fee. So it means if you buy something like for $200, usually you need to pay 200 $200 gas fee. Of course, if you're buying some massive board like several hundred thousand of dollars, this gut fee is not relevant. But if you just want to buy this small NFC, it's of course, for other people, it's a game changer and they just can't afford to buy it.

Speaker 1: So basically here is the Melania NXT website. So it's basically her personal website.

Speaker 1: And basically you can just go there. And there is an option to connect wallet. So you just connect your wallet. It can be Meta Mask or some other wallet, and it should be on Salana blockchain. So Salana blockchain has lower gas feed.

Speaker 1: I think the gas is much cheaper in Salana. So if you buy this NFC from Millennia, you won't need to buy any gas fees. So what is the price here? So currently the price is $176.64 and this NFT is called Melania's Vision. Let's go through the process how to buy it.

Speaker 1: So of course, you can just go to melaniatrom. Com NXT. So to purchase and store your new NXT, you just need a crypto wallet. They recommend Phantom Wallet from a micro Windows PC to enter Wallet extension to support the web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge. Once installed, you will be prompted to create a new wallet.

Speaker 1: Of course, this is all if you don't have wallet yet, but just follow that. I think you can also use Matamask then you need to add funds to your wallet. So you need to have Salana so not Ethereum like an open sea, but Salana blockchain. So it's just another cryptocurrency. So basically you can just deposit Salana to your wallet.

Speaker 1: It can be Phantom Wallet or if, for example, if you have Salana in Binance or Coinbase, you can just transfer that Salana to this wallet, or you can purchase Salana directly in the wallet. Then when you have these fonts in your wallet, you need to connect your wallet at MelaniaTrump. Com. Click the Connect Wallet button in the top right and approve the connection. Once connected, you will see a Buy Now button.

Speaker 1: After you have successfully made the purchase, you will need to click on client purchase and transfer your NFC to your wallet. And then to see the NFT in your page, you can just simply refresh it.

Speaker 1: So that's basically it.

Speaker 1: And then if I type on the ice NXT, you can see that it's also an audio file, so it's image and also an audio file.

Speaker 1: There you have it. It's not possible to buy it on mobile just so you know, so it's only possible to get it on the laptop on the browser, because usually it is possible to connect Wallet app, of course on mobile and openc or some other apps should work on mobile, but not here. And this is what it says in the description of the NFT. So Melania transpersonal journey has been enlightened from Slovenia through Europe and into the United States America for slightly the beauty and hardships of individual, majestic landscapes and profound architecture have entered her lands and reminds her heart Mark entry in Cologne, bristaking, watercolor and bodies.

Speaker 1: Melania Trump's Cabal blue Eyes providing the collector with an amulet to inspire Melania's vision, provides the collector with strength and hope.

Speaker 1: A portion of the proceeds from the seller of the artwork will be donated to support children in the foster care community.

Speaker 1: So that's basically it.

Speaker 1: There are also FAQs some like all these questions. What is Salana? How to purchase NFT? What is digital Wallet? How do I create digital wallet?

Speaker 1: How do I add Salona cryptocurrency to how I claim I purchase NFC? How I see my NFCs? Can I gift?

Speaker 1: How can your sell? What is smart contract royalty? What wallets do you support? So we can recommend the Phantom Wallet. We also support Sold Flair Ledger, Solon Mass Wallet and Solid.

Speaker 1: Okay, so they don't support mathematics so you can still buy. And if you use a credit card, you can create Phantom Wallet and Phantom App. Click the Deposit button and choose Buy visit. You can use multiple Internet browsers.

Speaker 1: How much does an NFD take to deliver? Once you purchase an NFT, it will appear in your wallet in a matter of seconds to a few minutes.

Speaker 1: So there you have it. You can always reach out. Support Atmillaniatrump. Com so there you have it.

Speaker 1: So that's an overview. If you're interested, you can get it. There is a lot of press coverage and it's not known like maybe there will be more. And if he releases Bundle and Trump, there will be like another platform because Trump released his own social media app, which is called Through Social. I created another podcast about it.

Speaker 1: Also not only that, but also Tmtg Media Corporation, which includes also news and probably features and media subscription service. All of that. I don't know if these two initiatives are connected and all of that, but still interesting.

Speaker 1: So there you have it. Why to purchase that? So sometimes maybe you can get this NFC. And if it is valuable in time, it can just skyrocket in price. So some people literally bought like these board apps for a few thousand of dollars, and now they're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speaker 1: I don't know if it will be the case with Millennia Trump NXT and if it will work out here. But that's just an overview.

Speaker 1: Some people are happy with this. Some people are not happy with this decision.

Speaker 1: I actually discovered this by like Jessica's podcast and his company Inside. Com. He's not extremely happy with it. But anyway, I'm just here commenting the news. So check it out.

Speaker 1: Thank you. Let's catch up in the next episode.

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