Memix - chat with memes - app overview

hello everyone so here is new interesting trending app called my mix chat with memes and yeah let's just install it so let's just tap get and then uh you will be able to install my mix app and uh yeah so that's basically the app what it does I just want to explore it with you so it says type your message my mix it share with friends share across other platforms chat with memes you will love it um so yeah that's that's the app so let's just open it up and see how it works so to start typing to watch Your Meme change okay so it's just changed just like the text on the meme sharing and caring uh so yeah something like that a lot of notifications chat with memes on iMessage follow the instruction in the video to chat with memes directly online message so you can just add like iMessage app yeah and then you can just like any other iMessage app you can just type your text and you will find some memes but also yeah there is some other experience so yeah let's just so for example here it is so for example holidays so something like that and then here uh so yeah that's basically okay so now I get it so this app is not I was thinking it's just it's creating um um like uh live meme for you but no it's just adding some text and adding some context uh to to the memes so for example I just uh all right so yeah if you don't find some interesting meme on giphy app you can just use this my mix app and then yeah you will be able to um to find this uh uh yeah to find some other a new interest in memes and you have all these categories and that's basically it so that's that and then you can just uh open open iMessage and that's just like an instruction you have and you just have all the different categories here you can just refresh those uh this is how it looks like um um yeah so that's the idea uh so yeah something around that um that's basically the app I hope you find it useful and thank you for watching

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