MESSAGES in LOCKET WIDGET app - FULL OVERVIEW. How to send messages?

here's a look at widget app series a new major update when there are now locket messages so you can reply to Peaks from your best friends so just make sure to update to the latest version you can always use our test flight if you want to have access to latest features by the way but yeah here just open the app how it works images like this and then I can just uh uh uh see images from uh yeah from some people from your friends you can filter out by who sent it and then for example this is the photo and then you will be able just to tap send a message in the bottom and then you will just send a message to that person like before that if you send the message back it will just go through and go to like iMessage app and just send them at SMS via your iPhone here you can just go to the messages in the top right and then yeah from there it's a new messaging experience so it's an item message and experience meaning you can now send messages inside of the locket widget app and then you can see all the messages from and then you can see chats in the in the locket widget app itself not on your iMessage app so just go there and then yeah you can just start the conversation and then reply to one of the of this person lockets to start chatting and then you can just start chatting so yeah that's basically it I'm not sure how you can if you can delete messages or at the moment it's I can't do that or any like something like that so yeah that's basically the idea um something like it um yeah just make sure to update that to the latest version and then you will find messaging tab in the top right

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