Midjourney app - how to generate AI images via Discord for free?

hello so here's I'm just exploring me Journey Discord uh my journey is a new AI art tool like where you can generate your AI art images so here let's just try to show it to you so there you have it so you can just go to me journey.com and this is a independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanded imaginative powers of the human species species so you can just read the documentation here and there are two ways to experience the tools majority bot which you can use to generate images and the web app at majority.com where you can find a gallery of your own work and other users Creations so basically you just need to use the majority bot join the Discord server so to create your first image uh so yeah select one of the newbies channels from the sidebar um use the Imagine command and then imagine uh write your prompt so here for example I'm in this uh Channel and then I just want to join uh this Channel and then I want to write and then you can just see all these images being generated um there are a lot of them uh and then you need to accept term of service so we give everyone 25 free queries and then several options for paid memberships paid membership includes unlimited Generations go to a Channel with the bot uh type imagine the bot will send you four images in 60 Seconds um click numbered buttons and to get upscales and variations so there you have it so now you can see all these images being generated uh just for you and I'm just looking where is my image actually uh so yeah it's yeah I would say that the experience is not the best actually uh uh because yeah there are so many users here let's just try something simple so here finally you see your status like uh waiting and then you need to wait for it like for a while for like 60 seconds of what you see the status and then it just keeps popping up so yeah that's basically the idea there is no IOS app or Android app as I understand there is just uh there is just this Discord part uh so yeah a lot of users uh testing it out I'm not sure oh yeah so here is finally my uh image where I can select different variations and then I can just tap on it and then I can just save it like to my device like that so there you have that's how you generate images in a mid Journey bot yeah it's a bit of a Pity that the reason how easy to use Android or iPhone app that would simplify things a bit but yeah there you have it that's what it is at the moment probably they will develop something like that in the future uh yeah hope that can be helpful

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