Mighty Networks app - how to create account & join a network?

hello there so here is this app which is called mighty networks so let's just try to install it and see how it works and then just use your face idea touch it you can see the size 133 megabytes uh you can see it's in english probably might be supported in other languages not sure and then it's what quite intriguing so you can create your own mighty network or find one to join each mighty network has topics events groups online courses and more everything for an interest together in one place designed so you can easily meet the most relevant members then you can start chats make new friends set up topics within each mighty network create and sell online courses directly in a might network host events online and in real life and organize as many sub groups as you'd like so like pretty interesting idea uh yeah uh there are reviews back from like two years ago that great to find a new social media app is both google plus and google hangouts shutting down there's like average rating of 4.8 out of five so then yeah let's just open the app and see how it works so that's a mighty network or there are two options create a network confined network so for example i'm interested yeah you can see all these clubs there are some of them are premium some of them are private um then i can just search something around running so here is public group let's see if it is possible to join that one okay then so to join i need to create an account or continue with google so let's just use google because it's faster i need to create the terms and services then there is my personalized feed and there you have it then then that is that's the app i have this feed here um this is my network which is basically my facebook group or something like that i can discover i can see some posts but where other posts are okay so i can see that this group is not that mighty it's just like three members here now i can see members near me or something like that so yeah that's basically the how you create an account and how you get started

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