Mimic app - AI Photo Face Animator - app overview

here's interesting app which is called mimik ai photo face animator um so this is the app um which can take your photo and your photo can be animated um so that's basically the idea um yep make your photo sync make your for yeah so you can see choose a photo pick a song and make it dance the result videos that are hilarious bizarre fun and ready to go viral no dancing lessons are required mimic is the world's best ai powered photo animating app that turns pictures into fun videos don't limit yourself to boring selfies here is how to level up so you can have fun you can make your boss dance you can let your dog speak up or say your baby's first words so obviously it's not always just your selfies you can just add selfies from your friends or some other people so let's just open the app and try it out before this app there was another one which was called wombo.aii oops for some reason it's just not loading let's try again recording okay i will try to record a full overview in another video

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