Minecraft Education app preview

here is an interesting app called Minecraft education transform your classroom so let's just install it and just have like a super quick preview of what that is and here you can just see that yes this app is for school and organizational use it's a game-based platform that inspires creative inclusive learnings through play explore blocky worlds that unlocking ways to tackle any subject or challenge so yes pretty cool approach 700 standards aligned lessons and in-game Library 200 hours K-12 computer science curriculum 50 creative build challenges spark a passion for learning support inclusive education and then you can just learn all these things here uh so yeah if you you know if you you know like kids like to play Minecraft and if you want to stimulate them also to do some learning and some of my homework some learn some additional things while playing in Minecraft this can be a perfect solution for them just to figure it out and just learn themselves so yeah here you just have

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