MLB app - how to create an account? App preview

so here is mlb app number one destination for live baseball uh served directly on your ios device but you will need to subscribe uh there is a monthly fee of 2.99 or here the recurring if you field 1999 but yes this is one of the top apps to all these broadcasts and you can also see breaking news rosters player stats some another features in-game highlight anytime when you are picturing a picture streaming and there is a huge video library so if you're a baseball fan that's definitely an app you should check out there are still like you know there are so many ratings 48 000 ratings so far there are still few glitches here and there [Music] but yeah it seems this is still one of the top apps in this category if you're a baseball fan um so just install it it's like 130 megabytes so it's not a big size of the app uh so it requires to use bluetooth or something and then here is your account and then you can just select your favorite team so um here are the themes here so which you can select um [Music] so let's select that and then just set notifications you can give access to notifications and then you need to to subscribe um there is seven day free trial 24.99 monthly but there is also option to have a free app but of course uh you won't have all the features there so and then you can just select any team which you want to follow in the top part and just see all the details all the matches everything you want to to have access to all the news all the top stories what you want to watch here you can see all the standing stats audio network teams podcasts like basically everything uh and some additional apps like i'm a ballpark um all of that and yeah the cool feature is that exactly you can select like your app overview your app home screen depending on your firewall team so yeah that's the idea

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