MobilePatrol app what is it & how to use?

hey everyone so here is mobile patrol public safety app so it's in the top charts in social networking categories uh on ios so let's just try to explore what this app is about so yeah the idea is that you can easily access important public safety records in the areas you care about in your neighborhood so if there is some incident some alert or something like that you can just see what's happening in your neighborhood so for example let's just go to the app and then you can sign up or try as a guest so you can search for your zip code like that you can see alerts you can control your news feed report information of course if there are some ads in the free version i think there are much less adds in [Music] yeah up here okay so you can see news from all neighborhoods or only your neighborhood and then okay so i still interested just in my neighborhood so let's see what happens here anyways um so you can add more neighborhoods as well so it's not only one and then you can probably see it on the map here so yeah yeah the app is honestly just a bit buggy but okay and there are some ads um that that's what it is then you can just see neighborhood map you know i said there are already like some maps some apps like that which have a similar um idea so yeah then you can just see like this and then yeah you can see like the issues and then you can just like uh or you can create an account to engage with the app so yep that's the very basic idea of the app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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