Moises: the Musician’s App - HOW TO USE? FULL OVERVIEW

hello everyone in this video we're gonna go so really amazing app which is called moises the musicians app this ant is going viral on tick tock and uh yeah it's it's really amazing so what it does it you can take any song and then you can remove vocals and instruments from any song uh this app uses ai audio separation separate tracks using artificial intelligence smart metronome and audio speed changer ai key detection and pitch changer chord detection playlist you can organize playlist and for practice uh and then there is one this web app so yeah that's basically how it uh works the main idea so people are always like looking for this app to remove voice like voice remover app that's what people are searching for so for example if you have some song and you want to just have like the sound without the voice you can just use this app and do that and it's like it's really good the quality is amazing and it's getting better and better because it's using ai and yeah so people are actually quite happy with this app so let's just open it up and i will show you just around like how it works so you are not scared if you just downloaded this app and you don't need to spend like one hour to figure it out here is the app recently they added a new feature so if you tap on the plus now you can add media from your device's gallery so you can tap on your camera roll and you can upload uh videos from your camera roll so here i just have some videos and yeah if you have some music videos of course you always need to know think about copyright how you're gonna use uh all of it and yeah so you don't have any issues uh but yeah you have some video like music video and then you can use it to remove sound you can also uh add media here and also from itunes from files app and what you need to know here are the supported files like campus three wow flag and for a mp4 move wma so that's basically how it works now you have songs here uh i will just uh show you how it works because i already uploaded some music so here here's some music you can select like different elements you can adjust left or right and then here the first part is vocals so you can decide if you want to remove that or not as there are drums [Music] so i remove drums i can remove guitar i can i can remove everything else and just leave guitar and drums so maybe you hear that or maybe not and it's yeah it's doing pretty great job and then if you are happy with that track you can export it as you have like either audio mix i think audio mix is basically what you created your current mix or you can just export all separate tracks depending uh yeah like what you can export separately drums guitar and then other and then you can disable enable it like this just by tapping so that's also pretty cool here you can adjust left right i guess and also the cool feature is that you can see core charts here automatically for you so that's also amazing if you don't know all the charts you can it's automatically recognizes them but then you can you know pla play on the piano or guitar and use them in the like you just want to figure out what the chords in some songs some popular song you can you can try it out here then there are some settings you can add some counting you can trim the song uh display charts or not and then you can enable play sound and repeat so these are simple settings uh you can enable metronome or not and metronome and chord detection are limited to one minute for free users so that's that yup so that's basically the idea that's the app that's the main functionality you can also then create new playlists you can create playlists and just organize your songs in a better way here so that can be helpful then there is your account you can upgrade to premium so what you get here unlimited uploads a limited metronome unlimited card detection unlimited pitch changer i don't know what this sounds up to 20 minutes five instrument separation faster sound processing and all of that so yearly 39.99 per year and monthly 399 per month 39.99 is pretty it's pretty awesome for this kind of tool on your mobile you can work with a lot of amazing you know tracks and it's quite powerful software there is no free trial so that's that what else is here you can invite friends you can see what's new uh here on their blog so recently they just uh yeah so you can always read their website uh you can delete your account if you want you can see the usage this month and yeah so that's base and then free app storage device uh so if you can upload songs from this device will and this action will not delete songs from your account other devices so you can also try to do this setting there is also this automatic download uh yeah probably that's what fills up your device so yeah like with all this audio editing and video editing apps if you're using them a lot you will see in your settings app that they can fill up your iphone store is pretty pretty fast like you if you use like you know like imovie app or like moises app or like splice like video editor can really be coming like gigabytes and tens of gigabytes of storage so just make sure to do that uh so yeah you can here uh you can set up some goals uh or all the actions all the features which you can produce here again so let's just i will show you with this new feature how to upload from from your camera roll so you have some video it's just a text video another app description i did but just for example to show you and then i can upload this move file and basically here in the free version i can divide in four tracks vocals drums bass and others that's four tracks vocals instrumental that's two tracks vocals background vocals instrumentals three tracks vocals drums bass guitar other five tracks vocals drums bass piano other five tracks vocals drums but strings and other five tracks so in order to to uh have all this like track selection and more like you know advanced options uh you just need to upgrade so that's what it is there is no other way to do it in this app uh yeah and then if you're using icloud uh you can if you have files app and store some files there you can just use from there you can connect your google drive dropbox and more here is just my file and also get itunes yeah so that's basically it uh and then you on the first step you just have a songs and playlist in a nutshell that's what this app is doing you can always delete tracks from here like that so just select tracks and then just delete them um yeah uh and this app is it's really gone in top charts it's become really better and better they're training their algorithm and the quality is really amazing i could never imagine that you know on your phone you can really achieve this kind of like almost like studio level editing and for a regular listener that these people people just want recognizes you just did it with your phone of course i'm not like a professor professional producers stuff like that but definitely for a beginner if you want if you're like djing you know you like creating tracks this is one of the apps you definitely need to check out and as you can see i'm doing a lot of stuff for free i didn't upgrade yet i just tried few tracks here and there to see where it goes and it works really really well especially it works great when uh uh yeah you you separate voice and yeah you have the background music working really well so that's that hope it is helpful thank you for watching check out my website mr hack.your please put a like for this video so more people can discover this video it will be super super helpful to grow my channel and see you in the next videos

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