Moises: The Musicians App - WHAT IS IT? FULL OVERVIEW

so here is moises app it's just called the musicians app where you can use ai technology to really um use it for audio separation so basically yeah you can for example remove vocals or remove some kind of instruments um and this app recently had like really big update where you can like yeah just update to design and how it looks like and yeah what you can do with it so now it looks even more amazing and i think it's one of the best apps out there to like for example if you have a track and you just want to remove vocals and then yeah then you just want to have just instruments or vice versa you want to remove instruments and only have vocals so that's basically that's how it works so this is your account because i already created it um this is how it looks like um there are some settings where you can display charts uh you can see account info you can create an account his apple um you can see your account info you can if you want to you can upgrade to premium that's just 3.99 dollars per month which is pretty cheap i guess and just 33 per month if you choose on a yearly plan so that's basically that and then just you can select your calls you see your library [Music] so here like for example you have some song um [Music] guitar or i can force them [Music] left and right um i can start metronome here i can see all the settings i can see all the song settings i can trim this on so basically set new start and end times display charts i can start counting um yeah so also here so basically also you can see they're all charts um so yeah that's basically the idea this app looks pretty simple but um [Music] in fact it's quite powerful and the technology is quite powerful here and then you can set your skills i don't know why do you need that um so maybe it will help out and then you can also invite friends so invite friends it means you just can refer people so for example you can just do that i don't know if it has any influence or um yeah so it just sends the link to join the app so that's basically it and then you have just a gear icon and that's basically how it works um you can't add friends here or anything it's not like uh it's not like a social media so here you can see some new updates recently there are like so many more updates to the app um and this is one of the top apps like to really do some mixing do some your own music production and you can just do it from your mobile phone you don't need to use like a large desktop computer to to achieve all of that so yeah that's basically that so that's pretty cool i hope it is helpful

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