Money Gram app how to install on iPhone & how to create an account?

hello everyone so here's MoneyGram money transfer app send money transfers online so let's just install it on iPhone so just tap on the app and then uh yeah you will be able to yeah just to install this app like this send International money transfers worldwide fast and live with the MoneyGram money transfers app uh yeah so send currency globally and send cash wire transfer to a bank account MoneyGram app provide the speed flexibility and freedom to move money on your terms um register to log in select the receiver choose a payment method send money internationally and within the US uh yeah so it's one of the top apps actually to to do like a money transfers um Sprout partner has F1 team so you can allow notifications and then uh yeah here you can just sign up uh uh just like this you can create an account you can also log in with your details sign up and yeah also before doing all of that you can just estimate your send and just try out uh all of the details so set that's how you install it on your phone super easy and that's how you get started

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