Moonphase soulmate app - how to use

so right now on Tick Tock you can see this uh this viral Trend where people try to found their moon phase salamites soul mates so basically there is some website we'll just show right now and then you can just enter your birthday and then you can answer the birth date of your partner or your friend and then basically you will see these two moon phases and if they if they are kind of opposite it means you might be a good match so it's going viral people literally try out this feature I find for you guys how to use it but basically here is the website it's called moon phases call UK and here what you need to do is just if you go in the bottom then you can just enter your moon calendar and there are different moon phases so you just enter for example your birthday uh here and then you can see like this is uh this Moon fights this is this Moon fights for example and yeah for example this is how it looks like or like this one yeah and then you just screenshot it and then you just enter the same date for for your friend and then basically yeah like if the the moon face of your partner or girlfriend boyfriend is kind of opposite to this Moon then you might be a good match just according to this trend it's it's not nothing guaranteed buzz like it's like wine viral so yeah you can just use this moon phases call UK app and then you can use like uh cap cut template from Tick Tock and then you can just create these videos like that it might go a while you can see this video is 450 000 likes

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