MotionLeap by Lightricks - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

so here is interesting app which is called motion leap by light tricks so let's just install it on iphone yeah and as you can see this app is in the top charts and photo and video category in the app store at least in united states so yeah it's featured in popular apps yes this is the app where you can animate and add some 3d effects uh to some of your photos uh add some unique overlays add some you know really cool experiences with your photos um so great moving photos for a unique type of photo art animate your photos magically bring them to life use motion lip the newest addition to the award-winning and live creativity suite of apps brought to you by lightricks and this app takes photo editing to the next level so yeah just animated photos might easy and might thought of as few tabs and swipes arrows will show to motion direction place anchor points to hold parts of your image in place free section there is also a power powered water animation sky replacement technology geometric photo animation which can create like spinning towers and umbrellas so yeah that's really amazing as you can see there is not just only you know some one type of animation there are like many different types which you can try out in your photos you can also add some video effects you can add some more elements in still photos which and this app brings you in infinite artistic possibilities and also there is like a high-end photo editor and then yeah you can just create unlimited uh access membership subscription and use this app with that um so there you have it that's the app so now you can open it up like a while ago some year ago or something there was uh an app which went viral in this category which was called my heritage app so my heritage was initially just you know some dna kind of a dna tree app but then they created this animated photo feature which went while and was in the top charts in the in the us app store or basically you can upload a photo and then it just can start moving so this app is just focuses on that exact feature and making it like really next level so that's why i think it's interesting and if you're interested in this kind of stuff definitely give a try to this app so that's basically how you install it but i think this app is quite heavy so i think you need to have like in your iphone to try it out and you know to run it mostly so for example you can just select the area and you can create an account then it's just cool so i can then just uh select this and select direction and as you can see i can just move it in very different places so yeah something like that and this picture i can just select the waterfall i don't know if i can select some other parts yeah that's basically it and then you can just export that you can add some overlays you can add some 3d motion you can adjust brightness this is just some standard features water and you can automatically change like the water color and all of that so yeah that's the idea if you want to upgrade you can do it monthly 7.99 a one-time purchase for 79.99 which i think can be a good deal because this is like unlimited usage i think and then uh you can also do yearly for 199 per month 75 of 23.99 per year so give it a try um that's what you can try out um yep that's basically the app there are all these different like overlays which you can add and of course you can upload your own photos and try to do with your own photos um can create new project like that so for example if i want to select like this water and then i just want to like add wow that's actually pretty cool right so i can i just animated my uh like the c or something so uh yeah so that's cool and that's the app i think you got the idea of course there are so many effects there like probably hundreds effects here so you just need to go and browse like you can also add some beat loop some music you can also add some like sky like modify the sky uh or change you know uh so this app is just using ai technology which you can adjust so that's basically it uh hope that was helpful of course you can always export this photo which will here which will be saved you can either export video live wallpaper it requires pro account as gif pro account or just share on instagram then you can just change the duration quality on instagram you can share without subscription you can change all the resolutions here so there you have it uh so yeah uh and yeah if you want to export in higher quality like 2k 4k you will also need to upgrade anyways hope that was helpful thank you for watching

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