MULTIPLE PROMPTS in Dream by Wombo app

here is dream by wumbo app and did you know that you can enter multiple prompts so prompts are your queries based on on which the algorithm is uh is creating all these cool ai images so here you can see that you can see the name but yeah so what i would do is just enter it like this cup then something like that i don't know if that will work exactly but at least uh i've seen it in the in the gallery here on the app in the community some people do that and also if you leave this search prompt it will help viewers to identify to identify what you entered because if you just enter this prompt just without this symbol maybe it it can create a phrase and it can change the context for for the algorithm so uh so yep so of course like the context can change a lot if if it's a new phrase from two words or this is separate words so anyhow and then you just select the style and then let's see what this app can generate uh so yeah that's basically uh how it works at the moment this app is quite abstract so it's not generating like image photos photos like images like you can see from other ai projects like imogen from google or dolly too so as you can see this is what is trying to generate and then then you can see like cup there is cup there is sky and then there is lamp where is lamp i i can't see it but yeah this way you can see that it's at least it generated like two different objects um and yep so that's what i i would try to do but yeah that's that's what it is that you can show hide your prompting artwork and then you can publish it

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