MyScreen app - Wallpapers & Widgets - app overview

here is the app wallpapers and widgets my screen it this app has over 250 000 ratings it's pretty incredible on the App Store and this is one of the top apps if you want to customize your phone if you got bored with all the standard app icons standard wallpapers here you can just customize your wallpapers you can have some like really cool depth effect wallpapers you can have custom lock screen you can have custom home screen charging animation wallpapers also recently they added a feature to generate AI avatars um then seems three in one meaning you have widgets you have icons and you have wallpapers a lot of a lot of this and then you also have keyboard so that's my screen app and you have all of these just in one app which is pretty cool and let's just explore uh what they offer what you can get for free and where when do you need to upgrade so here is the app welcome to my screen and then you just select like different categories you like and then yeah then you just have some free trial or you can have one year 34.99 per year uh so that's what you can have and then yeah you just have all these all these wallpapers live wallpapers uh uh charging animation Seasons popular keyboards and all of that you can just go and uh yeah then just have some like uh preview and then you have all the widgets fresh icons I think this app is actually pretty cool uh and then you just have all the catalog and yeah so that's just a quick preview

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