Mytonaverse, BUD - new exciting metaverse apps - podcast

Mytonaverse, BUD - new exciting metaverse apps - podcast

Mytonaverse, BUD - new exciting metaverse apps.
Mytonaverse app overview, BUD app overview. Listen to the podcast below.


Hello, everyone. So welcome to my podcast today we're going to talk about another cool app, which is called Mytonaverse. So this is a new metaverse app which is climbing in charge in the app store, and you can see it's already number 41 in the social networking category in the US App store. So it's called mytonawars M-Y-T-O natawars. So basically what you can do in this app.

So I just tried it out so you can create virtual reality environment. So basically I already created videos about it. You can just hang out with your friends and it feels like a GTA. So if you play GTA, so it feels like that. So that's the app and then you just have your home and you just go and hang out around all of that throw parties.

And then you can just invite your friends to your space and then your friends as avatars and yours and avatars. You can just hang out in that environment together. So that's basically the idea of the app. So you can create your avatar. Then you can just dance.

You can visual avatar and all of that live communication. So there is like a chat using the microphone. You can be a new meeting format. You can meet with your friends somewhere in the nature, in the desert, on the beach and all of that, you can just customize the world. So that's actually pretty cool.

So right now this app is number 41 social networking category, but it's quite large. It's like 668 megabytes. So yeah, it just has like 22 ratings as of now, but yeah, definitely give it a try. So it feels like GTA, but you can invite your friends and you can participate in the social club with your friends together.

So something like that I don't know who is a developer or who is behind that. Just go to our website mytonawars. Com. Mytonawars is a virtual world for meeting people, partying and hanging out, serve parties, hall conferences and make new acquaintances. Let's change the rules of the game together, dive into the new world.

You can also see the road map so you can follow these people on your own social media. I don't know what is international companies headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a team of professionals from different parts of the world who are working enthusiastically on a project of the same name. Worst app. The company is a division of the game developer and publisher Maitona, one of the largest development game development companies in the world.

Maitona is the creator of the top mobile games in their genres, seekers, notes and cooking diary as well as the publisher of the major new project like Prop Night and the day before. So there you have it. So My Tona is like the game development company, and probably Mytonaworst is just there.

Okay. Mytonawors is another company which is a division of the game developer and publisher so there you have it. So probably they just created this whole division just to focus on matters, because you can combine all these gaming experience to create this cool app. But again, just give it a try. It's a free app you don't need to purchase or you don't need to subscribe.

Again, the idea is that it's like GTA, but you just invite your friends and you play with your friends in this environment. So another app which has similar concept, and it's like booming right now in the App Store chart, I already created a podcast about it. It's called Bad app, so it's not beer, but it's just bad. It's like a Minecraft. And the idea is exactly the same.

So you have all these environments like you are just playing the game. You create your own avatar and then you just invite your friends there and you hang out in this environment. But the one difference and which makes, like right now in the top 100 apps in the US App Store is that you can create your own environment. So in the experiences are already defined. You just loaded in the app and you loaded already near your house or something like that.

But in the Bot app, you build the experience yourself. There are props which are just like small elements, which can be like three or table. And you just design these props and build your own experience. So right now, one of the most popular experiences is quid game like this glass ceiling stuff where you can just where it was designed by some developer and she collected already, like, tens of thousands of followers there. So it's another aspect of the bot app.

And then basically you can just invite your friends and chat into a squid game kind of environment. And it's kind of like, matter worse. And there are all these avatars running around and you try to complete the Squid game challenge with your friends in this game environment. So that's basically it is there something new like, of course, you know that you have contrast strike all of these games, like for ages, and you have all these other characters who are like avatars and who are your friends and all of that.

And you have, like, Minecraft.

So is it really something new or I don't know. But the thing is, might be this is new matters. Apps. There is much more like social elements, so you can hang out, like in more chats, do audio calls like purchase items like all of that.

That's basically it. But I just wanted to add your attention to this new my tonomers. I'll definitely give it a spin. Thank you for listening.

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