myWisely app how to install on iPhone and create an account?

and there also here is my wisely app so let's just tap get to install it at this 64 megabyte size and then just use a face id or touch id um so it's a digital banking app no monthly fee no hidden fees no or draft fees um yep so there are a lot of rewards and all of that so this is one of those banking apps really nice design you can add the wisely card you can move money here so just feel free to leave any reviews in the comment section below for other people if they are considering to switch to this app or start using this app so they can know all these situations because i didn't use it before but let's just go through the getting started process together so if other people see so you can get paid directly on your car track your spend grow your savings so let's just get started you need to connect your card here and that's and then add social security number um so yeah it's only the app is only available for i guess us residents people who have ssn or you can just log in here and use your touch id and stuff so yeah that's how it works yeah i don't have access right now to it uh but feel free to leave comments and suggestions below under the video just to what do you think about this app should other people use it and all of that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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