Neighbors by Ring - app overview & how to use

hey everyone so here is this cool app neighbors by rings so to install it just tap cut it's in the top charts of social networking categoryso ring is a tool uh it's a device which you can put in your door and see use a ring app like what's happening but of course if you if your neighbors also have ring so you can create some social community around that uh and you can just have like a cypher neighborhood just know what's going on in your neighborhood so you can just go like get real-time safety alerts and updates from neighbors stay safe always know which things are happening in your neighborhood supported by ring devices and all of that so that's the app you can allow to send notifications and then you can just create your account and then just tap continue and then you can just create some count and all that so now you need to verify your email address okay let's try to do that so now i just tap verify now so now yeah then you can just add your phone here to add some account verification so let's see and there you have it and then you can just find the address i'm just of course using some like addresses and of course if you have san francisco you will have a lot of events here so that's that and then you have your account um you can invite friends you can see all the nine bars feed you can filter by category what you want to see here um you can filter by distance you can filter by time so that's that you can send in white to neighbors just in white neighbors you can see the incident map uh and yeah here you can see all the [Music] all the activities here which is happening and then you can see live videos from that so yeah all of that you can see that san francisco is not really like a safe um then uh yeah and also you can see some community resources here you can also then uh add your own incident via the app so is there a safety crime lost bad unexpected activity name neighborly moment so i'm not sure so just tap continue then just add media title and disable comments you can add media videos or photos from your in camera so it just says what's there and that's about it and then it will be just filtered um so yeah you can invite friends you can see your posts you can see new features you can add uh yeah you can add the ring app here and then login with the neighborhoods credential to set it up so you can easily integrate that uh you can also customize snipers here and there you have it so that's the app super simple but this one of those apps where you can just know what's going on in your neighborhood and yeah just have better understanding what's really happening there are a bunch of apps like that but i think this is one of the top trending ones and it has 200k ratings 4.8 average review out of five so that's pretty impressiveyeah and you can see reviews from people that this app helped me to stay up to date with events going on around not even the news outlets which report only once this quickly so which other app would you imagine to help you with that not twitter not reddit not some other app but probably this is the app to have have all the events and all of that you can see some other reviews some mapping issues some safety concern needs a lot of work this app was there for a while like there are reviews from like two years ago but seems it's improved so yeah so definitely try out this app leave your reviews below what do you think there are also there is also ring app itself so you can get it separately and then just log in with neighbors barring account so yeah yeah thanks for watching guys visit my website mr definitely subscribe to this channel leave some super thanks donation if you see that like heart icon under this video just tap on it and you can donate any amount you like to support my channel check out my podcast also you can see the links below and yeah so that's about that so thanks for watching again see you in another videos you

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