New Dream by Wombo UPDATE FIXED BUGS!

here is viral dream boy wombo app and for a lot of people this app just not usable and it's just basically it's not even loading people can't even enter the screen can't create an account and all of that um so yeah that's uh that's also happened to me um so the thing is this app right now is in the top charts it's spiked in in virality in popularity and they posted and screenshot on on their uh discourse they had like 137 000 users in real time and on their app and i think like millions of users trying it out so like in case it's just not loading they also notified that it has like issues with their server so like clearer server issues and the the best suggestion for that is just try to wait few hours and try it again later because probably developer team already are trying to fix the issues also there was just a new update released one day ago approximately when this video is published so first thing to do just go and update the app it should fix the box so also delete the app reinstall it again so now for me it's it's a bit less glitchy so i even tried to use it with 4g it it works fine no box so far so if i just go to again like the app so i can just enter here and then i can just tap create and then you see it's pretty actually pretty fast after this update so it works fine there are less server glitches so i would really recommend you first just to update the app recent release actually fixed a lot of issues for me then the second scene i noticed if i use this app one like us united states traffic spikes this app is really unusable so i if i'm using it on weekends uh for let's say like uh 10 a.m eastern to to 6 p.m eastern time on weekends that's that's like super high traffic i can't really do anything but if i do it like very early in the morning you ask time like six a.m or you live outside of us in europe so you can try to do it like just use it early in the days when you know people in us are sleeping or uh you know late in the night for us time when their last user from us because i think they have really like a lot of users from us so then you have a bit of chance to this app working a bit faster and less glitchy but again like this happens like super global is in the top charts all around the world so maybe this trick is not really working but i found out that yeah if i'm using it like in here i live in europe so if i using the like 6 p.m on the weekends it sometimes was unusable a few days ago because you will see all these glitches you can't generate an image and it can be pretty annoying actually so yeah uh so that's what you can do if the app keeps loading also in my experience if the image doesn't work i just keep retry or try retry just tap the button few times usually it works in the second time but sometimes it doesn't work even after i tap like fifth five times to retry and then it's just a bit annoying um so yeah just sharing my experience but now after this update seems it's like feels much faster and i think of course that there will be more and more updates because the bumble app which is behind this development of this app is actually like super high skilled team of ai developers so i think that i will actually fix this pretty soon so follow the updates get that and thank you for watching

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