New Profile Picture Editor app - HOW TO CREATE A SELFIE? FULL OVERVIEW

here is new profile picture editor app and let's just go through how to create a selfie in this app and how to create your profile picture in this cartoon character maker app and then um yeah how to use this app with your for like with your social media and uh yeah so the app is actually pretty easy to use so yeah this is my previous profile photos this is how it looks like you don't need to create an account you don't need to log in with your phone number or like apple id or anything the one thing you do is just tap change photo then here you have access to your camera roll so that's where you can get photos for your selfies then there is a separate type of faces and there is separate tabs recent photos and separate that where you can just try celebs so here there is my photo is these uh faces also by the way okay we'll show you in the end of the video that you can add your camera and if you don't have any like a photo of your selfie you can just instantly create that and there you have it so now you just have this cool picture created in the bottom you have all these different options like different templates layout some of them are funny and by the way what they say in the app that every week or so there should be new effects added and some new cartoons added to this app some new so basically new profile up photos should be updated and all these templates are different every week so you can that's how they i think they want to boost engagement for the app so you come over and over again and try to create a new selfie every week and so yeah they promise to release a lot of new app updates every time and for each of these updates you just have some different uh yeah you just have these different filters the one thing is that uh yeah you just have okay uh so you just have all of this and so something like that and then you you if you can't decide you can you can post this collage to your social media you can show caption or hide caption and let your friends decide like what what is this uh so there's that then uh yeah a bit annoying thing that there is still a watermark in the bottom right you see so that's there and then if you want to save and share you can just save and download your photos um and yeah and then just share on social media um so that's what you can do basically when this this picture is saved to your photos then you can go to twitter or facebook or snapchat and just applaud it there this is how it works uh there is not much anything else it's very minimalistic app so very easy to use very straightforward so that's that hope it is helpful

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