Newsmax TV iPhone app overview

hello so here is newsmax tv app it's available on ios or android so you can just get it in app store here um so it's 50 megabytes and then you can just install it uh so this is how it looks like here you can see new smart tv and all the issues you know fees now paywall and you can cast it to other devices so if you just tap open this is how the app looks like so here you can just watch newsmax live you can see the schedule um and then you can also go to the website there are also like some video clips from all these shows yeah then you can go to the websites you can go to specific shows here again then there are settings or you can subscribe to some news alerts from here read about newsmax and then you can enable to auto play video on home screen and how to play only on wi-fi so these settings yeah and simple app and then if there are any issues you can just contact the app you can just give some feedback or if there are some websites a technical issue you can also contact leave a comment and all of that uh so yeah that's the idea that's the app that's how you can use it there is also website where you can watch all of that so that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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