here's Angel app and I wanted to share you some a few hidden features of some tricks maybe you didn't know about I also just discovered them um so yeah first you can delete your account in if you go to settings you can tap to delete account so that's uh yeah you can do it without any help and without support so that's basically how it works also there is this thing which is called ngr law messages what is that so basically if you go to some of your messages um here you can see it says send twist law from Team NGL what what does it mean so basically NGL app disclosed that this app is bot generated this is AI generated app it's not sent by a real person so they were they needed to do it I think after some court filings or after some there were some issues with sanded app and basically NGL decided to disclose that they do have what generated questions so if you don't know yes NGL app has a lot of what fake generated questions and they marked them now with sandpizzle from Tim and gel however we still don't know if they Mark all of generated questions or just some percentage of these questions at least it's a good start but if there is no message like that you will see this red button who sends this and then you need to unlock uh yeah to see yeah to upgrade basically so basically if you just tap uh who sends this uh you need to upgrade should you upgrade it's pretty expensive So Pro renews for 6.99 dollars per week so it's not per month it's not like yearly is per week so it's like 30 dollars per per month so more than 300 per year uh but yeah of course nobody's paying per year but does that should you upgrade well NGL Pro never gives you the exact username in Instagram username who senses it only gives you hints like location font user ID or something like that so basically if you shared your Instagram story to your 500 friends and someone sent you a message it's not bot generated you can get hints like someone from London on Android sent you this so that's expect to get this user ID I don't know some NGL user ID which is super hard to identify and it's just a collection of some symbols and numbers it it won't give you much usually what you can see is just like someone from New York on iPhone census and if you have like 500 followers on Instagram and you share this to your Instagram followers it won't help you much of course you can try to be smart and you can only share it in one story then you can use some Instagram analytics or something and see exactly who of your like let's say 100 friends watch the story you can then see like okay out of 100 30 people watched the story and then you can upgrade to Angel Pro and then see okay out of these 30 people who of them lives in London or New York or who of them has iPhone so but it's still not 100 but of course you can try to be a detective and do your investigation that's what I would do but don't expect that you just buy seven dollars and you will get like exact answer who is sending this um so that's that uh so that's the answer but you can go to settings and disable these nglo messages so you can just disable them but then just be careful because for example here I didn't share the link recently anywhere and I got six messages I'm not sure like where is it getting from where is it coming from maybe it's one of my YouTube videos it got a lot of views but yeah still quite suspicious also there was a TechCrunch article where they created angel link and then open Instagram story but never sent it in Instagram store and I still got some replies so just still be careful that if you disabled it sandwich love from Team NGL some of these questions are fake and what generated and then you you want to upgrade to see who sends this and you will just get an answer that is a you won't get an answer this but you will still be tricked that like someone from like you know Amsterdam is sending you this anyways so that's one thing then it's another hidden feature itis card is that you can actually tap in top left you can Mark a Spam but here you can delete message I don't know why you need to do it but just so you know you can also block sander if it's a real person and you start for example you start to receiving a lot of this message from some Anonymous person and you see that it's one person who is basically bullying you or something you can just block that sender it's not possible to unblock so just be careful you can also tell Tim and Jiao or report about spam um so these are some of the features then you can also yeah you can Shuffle these messages there are all these games you can play so at the moment there are like five games uh four free ones one paid ones to play paid ones you need to upgrade to Angel Pro and yeah so there you have it um it's very easy to use interface ever since very minimalistic and easy to understand so that's that hope it is helpful at least you discovered some hidden features and tricks which you didn't know before if you did please like this video share it to your friends at to your favorites I also have a tick tock where I describe a lot of these apps so full of subscribe my Tick Tock and I also if you just like reading I also have my personal blog which you can also check out so you can also check that out um so that's basically it um you can always reach out to Angel Health from here if you want to help NGL um but yeah this is the app by the way there is another app which is called send it it was only for Snapchat but now you can also use send it to send an anonymous q a also on Instagram so it's it's another alternative if you don't like ngi also just search for send it Instagram in the App Store and you should he have some suggestions about that app um so there you have it that's that's another another overview and yeah see you in the next videos

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