NOSTR protocol - Twitter alternative? Quick overview

so what is Noster so Noster is one of the app's links to which were band from Twitter so maybe you seen that famously Elon Musk banned uh links to other social media from Twitter such as true social uh Noster tribal some other apps Mastodon of course and I never heard about Noster but since this is like the one of the future alternatives to Twitter this is uh Noster is not an app it's a lightweight sympol yet extensible open protocol that allows building truly standards the Precision and decentralized social media platforms and this protocol is bison relays realized servers that can be operated by anyone by opening a Precision connection with the server clients or apps can push or and pull events in real time so here you have that so you can you don't need to register account with your email or anything you just have a public and private key public key is basically a username and private key is like your password uh um so you need to keep it secret and then you just need to choose a gun for the nostril protocol such as Enigma caracal or astral and it will generate the keys for you so the only object type that exists in nostrils A1 events of small tax only structures here's what clients send to the relays uh and then every this object has signature tags and then relays the main piece of the nostril protocols they store the events which are received from their clients relies don't talk to each other unless they realize you are connected to the receiving story or events Noster can help fight censorship imagine you have the power to create portals anywhere you want if someone tries to put your job you can simply create new portal and Escape uh uh so yeah Noster was born as a protocol to create an alternative to Twitter so many clients exist with this purpose uh so to achieve this such clients make use of events of kind one which are plain text notes so some clients are coracle astral Noster pranal damus alfama nostrils and many more so damus is recently becoming a more popular app um and yeah uh yeah so this is just like super interesting part so you can just go through the GitHub and go through the through the documentation so yeah there you have it something like that a Reddit alternative tax sharing uh so yeah that's about basically it so here I'm just trying to to sign in this coracle uh it keeps loading so here I just created my account I just generated my key and then I just want to go to relays and then if for example if I join some other relays and I some reason it just keeps loading for me I don't know what's happening yeah I don't know yet about it a lot but it's like seems It's a new direction for social media uh so when you know uh Twitter was salty Elon Musk Jack Dorsey told like Twitter should be on either by Elon Musk or it should be just the original just a decentralized protocol so I think this is basically the idea that this should be Noster should be a kind of a backhand for this new social media decentralized protocol foreign so here you can see some settings but yeah for some reason it just doesn't work for me yet I don't know what was the issue here uh how to create a new node hello so here is a new note which I can send foreign so yeah something around it uh that's basically the idea I guess how you use coracle client but as it says here there are a few other series Enigma AR uh here you can just join that and yeah few others

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