NoteIt - BLANK WHITE WIDGET - what to do?

hello i'm just going through noted app reviews and some common problems because this app just went so viral and but there are still a few bugs because the app developer team is quite indie and small so one of the issues here is that at first it only took a few minutes for our nose to go through then it turned into 30 minutes and two hours and a blind quite widget and having to check the actual app to see if anything was sent which kind of defeated the purpose so they signed out and back in and installed the app reinstalled restarted the fonts and the widget still stays a blank white page so this should be fixed with the new update uh this is a developer response even after updating it doesn't work the problem proceeds just try to uninstall in the app again just if this doesn't work just reach out to support at thanks for your review so something like that so hope that will solve your issue if you have the same issue

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