noteit streaks - what is it? Overview

so noted strikes so what exactly is it so if you just open noted app and you just send a new note here in the top you will see strike or streak and it says one um so basically it says in the bottom don't leave your partner without a response for more than 24 hours or you could lose your strike so basically if your partner sent you a note you have 24 hours to send a response to increase your strike or to keep it and vice versa if you send a note to your partner he she have like 24 hours to reply otherwise it will break uh so yeah it's just uh this aims to push users to to use noted every day and to reply to their Partners continuously without without breaking and also here you can see strike history uh when it broke and then you can recover strike recover your last broken strike for you and your partner users can recover their last Pro construct for 199. and why do you need to do that because basically history deletes when your streak breaks so that's basically it um so yeah that's that's what it is um hope that was helpful

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