noteit widget - get it now - UPDATED OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

in this tutorial let's together go through noted widget get it now this is a super popular app it's a widget to send nodes to your friends uh colleagues partner loved ones and this app has added a lot of new interesting features specifically now you can not only send also send photos and also this app is super easy to use I already did some overus about it but let's just go again so that's basically the app you create your account and then you add your partner so you can add your partner on the or when you create in your account you just seems It's like generating some code and then you can share it with your partner and then he or she can add it the thing is at the moment it's possible to only add one person so this app is very like personalized by individual it's not possible to add like 10 friends or something just one friend one partner so then the idea is that it's a noted app and then you just start drawing it and then yeah you can just tap send and then you send this note to the their home screen but what happens now so yep now uh also there is a new feature where it's generating some tick tocks and then you can uh you can save this video somewhere on Tick Tock or just share it but that's not the main feature of the app for this app to work obviously you need to add the widget so to add the widget tap and hold tap on plus and then search widgets so from here you can just search for noted this step needs to be done both by you and your friend so here you have two sizes of widgets you have small widgets you have big one depending what you like so just add the widget and then that's what it is so that's this picture will be received by your friend I'm just showing this in a demo I have created a demo account in not it so this won't work like that basically I draw this picture just right now and I've sent it to my colleague so imagine that this screen is your friends or colleagues screen and then they will see this image updated on their home screen in real time so that's basically the whole concept of noted but you can just draw anything and it will appear on your friend's home screen so that's pretty cool you know you don't need to open messenger app or Viber or signal anything WhatsApp um so that's basically that and then uh you can also now take photos so for example I can just take a photo some of that hour and then I can also just send it a photo so this is a recent Edition which was previously not available in the uh in this widget and then I just sent it here I can also save this image and I can share it on Instagram Messenger as you want I can share it in top right I can add Tick Tock sound and I can create tick tocks because this app won't fire on tick tocks and then in some time this image should be updated so as you can see now this is updated and that's super cool right so now you have this image sent to your friends and it will appear like that um so what else is here so here you will see all the uh all the images sent then there is a concept which is like strike strike four means that you and your partner have sent four knots without skipping a day that's how it's working and it says like if you're losing your strike uh all your previous notes can be deleted or something like that so this app just engages you to constantly share these pictures and notes to each other um and that's basically it like that's the whole idea then you can go to settings you can always reach out to their support you can unlink you can your partner you can delete account you can sign out um so something around that

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