noteit widget - get love notes - full app overview & how to use

in this video we're gonna go through a quick and easy overview of noted widget how to use it so there are already a bunch of apps which have similar names which are called noted i think this was the original one app which went viral back in february i think and then there is this one which is also really uh nice to use app this is noted widget get it now from iconic hearts developer so that's basically it so in a nutshell you just need to add noted widget to get this app create an account add the widget to your home screen link with your partner and then send a note right to their home screen so let's just go through these steps so here is a noted widget app i just created an account yeah you can sign up uh here and then uh you can just tap and hold you see the absolute jiggling and then you just can search for noted i i have two noted widgets here is this one with the heart and i can just add a widget um and there you have it then i added my widget but of course i need to add friends uh in this widget and then i will be able to send notes to them so uh yeah i need also to link a partner so i can just design a node and then i can send the node uh it will be soon on a partner device but i think you are linking your partner um so here it is so you are linking your partner when you are creating an account so that's basically it you can send notifications for new notes um you can send some feedback but anyways let's just sign out so i just want to sign out and then i can create an account either with email or i can sign up with apple like this and then i can so this is the process so this is my uh [Music] screen and i need to enter my partner's code to finish this or share my link code and then you need to enter your partner's code so something like that so you need to have that partner's code so you share your link code like this you can just uh okay you can just send it to me [Music] so that's the idea and then after you did that when you create in your account you will be able to proceed

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