NoteIt widget isn’t updating SOLVED

hello everyone so i had this issue with noted drawing widget that uh that like the image wasn't loading but now it does slot so i'll just show you again so if i just add a widget before it just showed three stripes now it seems to work so before that it was just like you know three stripes but now i can just add a widget okay now it shows three stripes again so something is happening but as you can have seen in the previous example it worked what i did actually to solve it is i just updated the app to the newest version and that bug was fixed so now okay i'll just send another one and i'll just send it here so successfully and now as you can see i received the note but this is the previous one so here is the one i sent 20 hours ago and the green smiley i sent just now and it's not updated yet it says it should take you like 15 minutes after 7 it might take up to 15 minutes to update in your partner's phone so yeah because i added myself for the sake of this demo so there you have it so yeah something like that hope it can be helpful [Music] and yes thank you for watching

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