NoteIt widget STUCK ON WHITE what to do?

what to do if you're not it we just is stuck on white so seems quite a lot of users have this issue i'm just going here through the developer responses and the reviews recently noted widget has been stuck on white for a bit uh and others and it's just not updating and some people say like that first it works well but then it takes like two hours to update the image then it takes like more and more hours and it just never updates and then it's just the widget has like three stripes and like or just blank um or just stuck on a white so yup uh so the solution to that in case you have the same issue you just need to update the noted widget try to reinstall in the app then after update and again open up the updated app and this issue should be fixed if this is not fixed reach out support at um so stay tuned for the next update um yeah you need to figure out that like noted widget unlocked widgets this app were started by solo entrepreneurs so it's like solo indie developers so it's not like a google or microsoft word that can instantly release some bug fixes so if you really like this app just bear in mind that you'll probably need to write like either a few weeks or something like that and then constantly it will become better but that's what it is at this moment

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