let's go through the obimi app uh which is uh remaining top charts in lifestyle and social media it's a super interesting app developed by ukrainian developers yeah probably it opens some new interesting horizons in social media apps uh and let's explore why so this app doesn't focus like that much on sending videos or you know sending texts and audio messages but it calls itself a sensitive so it means interacts through simple actions like keys hug touch and share your mood while you are sitting in born meeting and your friend hugs you when you and you're below don't see each other every day when it's important for you to know so much of your loved ones so then that's the time when you use obimi app and yes that's this app called sensor jar because it's it's designed to to send senses and send actions like someone can ask like like how the app can send senses or something like that so the the technical approach is pretty simple actually so you just have the app you create an account your partner or friend creates another account you tap on the app and it sends different types of vibrations through the app so you just open the app or like you know your phone starts vibrating in one pattern or another so different actions have different vibrations and you don't even receive attacks or anything you're just phone just out of nowhere just vibrate it and you know that this is someone who sent you some like touch or sense just via your phone so that's a very interesting concept and actually a lot of people really like it especially for distant relationships you know if uh yeah if you're on the distance with your loved one sometimes it can be like too boring to open whatsapp or to open messenger how to open like telegram and just like hey how are you haven't seen you in a while and then you're doing that for days and weeks and it kind of becomes boring like you know would you write like hey i love you like oh i can we talk or something like that every day that's kind of boring right uh for some people it's much more creative just to send these hugs or virtual hugs where your phone just vibrated a bit and then you know that this person is thinking about you without writing so much uh text and messages of course it depends on your type of personality maybe it's not the best app for extroverts extroverts or other people of course will jump on the video calls every day but for some people it can be become too much in some relationships so maybe sending a little like phone touch or something can be an easier way so here it is sense senses these are the actions what that i can feel keys hug slap bite anything is difficult to put into words so basically all these actions just have different types of vibrations of your phone you can also request to share your mood uh you can know about the feelings of load one in numbers so basically yeah this app also takes some data from your house app on iphone like you can see a number of steps and you can see the heartbeat uh so that's pretty cool right so you can just open the app and you can see the heartbeat of your person or your loved person and then you can also give gifts and yeah so many interesting features uh this app was released i think like a year ago but it improved a lot and then it will improve even more um so here's the app i just created my account you can easily create your account with the phone number uh all around the world so it's not restricted to on the us or yeah it's just international app also it is free to create your account you don't need to subscribe to premium and you accept can access most of the features for free and this then this is like my mood uh i it can be sad okay pretty good and then i can just share my mood uh with my friends so i can just tap to add friends like just by adding my contacts from my phone and then just invite some friend or my partner to this app and then i will see the list of the people here so this is just like a test account i can see here's i added the friend friend also received my friends request and accepted that then i just need to tap on this emoji and then i can send like a low pinch or something or i can send keys hug or touch then there are different categories of these emotions i can send like a bite push slap tickle i can sound like more passionable passionate touches here like but then you need to upgrade so this is where you need to upgrade unlock this pack let's explore how much is that and that's only 1.99 it's a one-time payment it's not even a month one month subscription so definitely i would encourage you to use this app now because it's actually pretty cheap right one time payment and you have access to all these additional emotions so that's what you can do then there is settings here is your name very easy you can also easily delete your account from here which is appreciated that this app actually cares about my personal data like you know if i'm not sure if i want to use this app further i can easily do my account without contacting contacts contacting support over the phone or something like that i really don't like this option but anyways here you can see the privacy policy of course if you bought all these additional modes you can restore purchases on the on the new new phone or something like that but there you have it so you send uh send census and now here's in this demo account i can see that this is my timeline and then this is the notifications i received from my friend and when i do that like my phone can start vibrating or can feel you can feel different types of vibrations and that's pretty cool then in the top left you can see a number of steps because i just when you create an account you can you can give access to yeah to your health data and then uh you should also see heartbeat here but for a lot of people heartbeat doesn't work you can read the reviews of this app is because heartbeat will only work if you connect your apple watch or something like google feedbit or yeah some google wearable where you can actually hold it on your wrist and it counts your heartbeat and then it will be reflected here in that basically if you don't see heartbeat data in your health app on iphone it won't be reflected here so that's that so a lot of people really like heartbeat feature but it won't be accessible if you're only using phone you need to have some kind of smart watch so that's that um and then you can request more the and also interesting feature you can add all these like closing sizes so you can add your like you know what's your height and all of that um so yeah like your friends know your clothes in size and then probably they can send some gifts um like you know some surprise gifts which is also can be super cool for you know for distance relationships but i didn't really figure out how to use this sizing feature to design i don't know how to send closing and all of that maybe this feature is just in development so so far what people like about this app is that you can send your moods um you can share your mood with your friend and then you can send these touches to sensors to to your friends so that's basically how it is and your phone vibrates i don't know if your phone vibrates if your app is closed so that would be cool um yeah or when you open the app um you see these notifications and you then your phone vibrates then um so there are still a lot of the questions and probably there should be some improvements and there are still some bugs uh and like some glitches but it's understandable the app is not that old it's not like a huge team which is working on that so just bear with it update this app and i think it will become really good or the or the time um yeah i think this trend with sensor jars and we send in all this j not words not videos or pictures but just sending um yeah like you know touches via vibrations and making your mobile devices more sensible not just like you know some tag but just trying to send more emotional touches so this is kind of the new whole direction of technology and uh i think there are also uh these devices which are similar to fitbit uh and they were trending uh for a while don't remember the exact name but you basically you buy a pair of them one for you and for your partner and then you just tap on your device like a feedback or like apple watch and then it just sends the same vibration to your partner even if your partner is like thousands kilometers away so you don't need to send any text messages but you just tap on your feed beat and it replicates the same pattern on your friend's device um so that's that's the idea and maybe this app can also can have some hardware at some point where you just tap here and then you receive this you know little vibration and that's all you need just to know that everyone is thinking about you and some someone it's like caring about you someone is sending you some emotions so maybe that can be a really cool addition to even like to instagram or to all these major social media apps uh yeah this app doesn't have widget yet a lot of people are requesting to have a widget functionality which is so popular these days like so if you tap and hold and then you just be able to add like a obama widget yeah so that's that's not available um so yeah that's basically the idea um so that's the app uh definitely give it a try um it's really cool app especially if you are in a distant relationships or you have some distant friends that can be really interesting uh interesting tool to try but yeah like the average writings are not that high yet because there are a few glitches uh here and there um some people say there are server errors and all of that but it was because like few days ago there were so many users in this app so maybe it wasn't prepared for that but now it seems it should be fixed more or less so thank you for watching check out my website mr hector um my subscribe to my youtube tic talk and see you in the next videos

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