so here is a bimi app and right now as you can see i have my 97 steps in the top left but i why i can't see the heartbeat so if you tap on the settings top right there is a health kit button so you can hear the heartbeat of those who you care about let them hear a heart too healthy technology is used to match your steps heartbeat and other data about you and closed one so you need to go to health app and then if you don't see heartbeat here it just logically it won't appear in in your beam app so first you need to make sure that you see heartbeat here in the health kit to see that it's not to have enough to have just your iphone or android device so you need to have some smartwatch variable such as apple watch or some fitbit or some other smart watch device connected then you need to have a heartbeat in your health data here and then after that when you get access to the health kit here the heartbeat will appear here in the beam app so that's that so to summarize two things first you need to have some kind of smart watch which tracks your heartbeat your phone is not enough second you need to give access to health kit app to ob me in in the settings so on iphone you just need to go to settings and then here you can just search for health kit or something like that and then you can see data access and then here obeam you should have access

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