OFTV app - quick preview

here's rftv app so let's just try to download it and see what this app is about uh yeah in this app you can enjoy videos from your favorite of creators from the convenience of your mobile device enjoy your personalized tv experience stay connected with your favorite fans creators discard exclusive free content you allow no ads um so yep open it up and then you have all these shows here this is just like how it looks like then you can just see creators um then you have genres then you have trending now [Music] then you have dark mode if you like that and then you can just search so super easy to use app uh this is how it looks like you don't even need to create an account there is no like subscription or anything no ads it's just basically a promote promotional app or something like that um so yeah there you have it so that's an app overview and then you can just go to the help section uh can you submit and then you can just see submission guidelines and then all of that so yeah there you have it

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