ORCA DEX quick overview

hello everyone so here is a new decentralized exchange for rca and uh let's just explore it together it started to trend recently and also the token price increased like i said 15 just in the last day so it's it's a interesting opportunity because uh it's like a crypto winter so always interesting to see all these new projects uh so it's a solana based uh token so orsa is the easiest place to exchange cryptocurrency on solana and yep you can reset up guide so it's kind of like a uni swap but for solana as i understand it so you need to create a solana wallet with solid io or phantom you need to get solana such as ftx binance or coinbase then uh you need to transfer and then deposit your phantom wallet click copy to and then send solano to that other song finance and then of course you can just convert ethereum to solana through solid plus metamask in the solid expand the row for solana click your cv theorem tab connect to metamask also convert tokens from ethereum via metamask you can also do that and then you just need to connect solid wallet to rca and there you have it so that's the idea that's how it works but if i just tap wallet there is no meta mask so you need to have the the phantom wallet here or solid so phantom app is a separate friendly solano crypto wallet and then you can just download it i don't know if there is also like a yeah there is a chrome extension here as well so there you have it uh so yeah that's just a quick preview of rca exchange so there are pools uh there are staking and as i understand like that the gas fees should be much lower right on solana compared to ethereum so something like that so hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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