Pampers Club - app overview

hello everyone so here is a app for parents called Pampers club rewards and Deals so it's suddenly started to climb in the top charts and I just wanted to bring your attention that they have some deal promotion going on right now so you can download the app now and receive 30 gift code for Ergobaby products download Pampers Pampers club today and earn pamper sketch redeem your bumper sketch for exclusive Empress coupon assignments and Rewards pursue sorts of dollars at Erica Bay before register and five cash for your first three scans so yeah that's what you can have here um so scan the QR codes inside your products to receive them for cash um that's basically the idea uh yeah so just open the app and then um of course this is the official app for this brand and then um yeah you can just turn all of this into Rewards um and then yeah you just need to to create your account or uh you just can't continue with Apple so yeah that's what you can do here uh just for example and then you can explore the rewards and then yeah you can just scan all these Pampers code and earn additional cash to spend in this app as you can see here there are also some additional offers which you can also just start scanning and you just need to explore the app I didn't use this app before but it can be super helpful for you to check it out

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