PEI APP - How to create an account?

hello everyone so i'm just creating an account by app which is the cashback for bitcoin so i'm just entered my email my phone number and then i just need to get my or my verification code so for that i'll just use something like text now let's see if i got the verification code oops okay so didn't work so again try let's try again from the start then there is some promo code then just tap next then there is some verification code so there you have it that's the process of uh enabling location and there you have it now i created an account in the pay app so yeah that's about that um yeah so now i created the account pay is discontinuing operation on december 30th 2021 please destroy your bitcoin prior to that date and restaurant bitcoin will be cash to attach to your account bind has been disabled okay so yeah unfortunately seems this app is discontinuing um yeah hope at least that was helpful

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