PicSo - Turn videos into Anime - full app overview

here one here super interesting app called pixel turn videos into anime so if you like any map with this app you can create your own videos which look like anime so here you have the developer is matter inside and then yeah here you can see and generate that like that um so let's just check it out I'm super curious how it might look like okay turn your words into artwork here you can also just use some AI generation um so yeah here a art anime girl which or like you can just generate okay so here it seems you still uh need to generate some uh images just um okay so then you still need to create an account I was actually interested in that feature that feature to generate um anime videos but let's just explore this so here you will see how it's being generated and then you have C which is just being generated like this so seems It's a yeah if I want to recreate I can just type here or and then here you can just turn selfies into anime style so then I just can just give access to some photos so for example if I have this photo I just want to turn it into anime and then let's just explore what will happen here so there are different three types of images and then you can just see each one like that so yeah that's basically the idea uh it's like you see AI is not it's not perfect these days yet but it's a good start um you can easily create account you can delete your account if you want then you can upgrade 100 credits per month means you have like 100 creations and that's it's only 9.99 per month uh so that's that's about that so yeah hope uh this quick overview can be helpful for you and thanks for watching

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