PictureThis - Plant Identifier - app overview & how to use

here is pictures this plant identifier app so here we can just open it up you can allow another notifications here you can see the subscription [Music] uh where it features this app is going viral really uh you can basically scan plans with this app and but it's just much more than that of course that's the main feature where you can it can get like really addictive okay so maybe you can also do it from your photos but uh yeah like it's it works quite well so if you're just on the street if you have indoor plants anything like that you can just easily identify them with this app so that's pretty fun then use the reset type which is called diagnost you can you can capture different parts of the image plant you can photograph seek part photo her seek part again and then you will see the the major conditions how uh how this app can help you out then you have my plans that's what i was scanning so here you can just add it i was just like you know looking and then it's added to my garden uh yeah so that's how it looks like and then yeah you can see it so uh now you also have a lot of different uh services a lot of different features and then you can you can check if your plant has the the good uh light meter then uh visa identification allergen toxic to part three identification tree so all of that insect identification like very cool features and then you also have books so i actually like this app you know like if you like some kind of botanics and it's just it's some kind of like bird watching like just want to know which plant is this like the features of the plant or you have plants at your apartment or house and you want to be more much more detailed this is your go-to app it's very easy to use and you have so much information just on your fingertips so that's really amazing here you can have all the details you can create your account you can you can sign in with apple so there you have it so that's the app definitely give it a try

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