Plex app - how to create an account?

so here's trending app blacks movies tv music and more this app i was noticing a lot info about it everywhere on social media so it's getting trendy um you can stream movies tv shows plus 300 channels of live tv instantly without subscription watch live tv and movies anywhere from any device with blacks and watch your family's favorite movies from these networks like crackle warner brother mgm lionsgate and more 300 plus channels cbs euro news financial times so here you can see some features live tv streaming tv on demand plex media and all of that um yeah it's this app is still not in the super top charts but it's already a 100 apps and in entertainment category it's not competing of course with netflix or disney plus at the moment but it's an interesting alternative like uh if you if you're not satisfied with netflix or disney plus always try out plex it's a new app often these new apps they are offering either some big programs or some new cool releases or some discounts where you can get some annual subscriptions quite cheap and then uh you can also just i don't know skip sign up and let's just see just the quick preview how it looks like so here you can just see on your home how it looks like and then there is a watch list which you can check out and yeah then you have something like it and uh yeah so you have home live tv movies and shows discover music downloads and then your media and then more here you can also discover some other settings so here you have it um that's that's about that um hope this helpful

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