Podcast - #22 REPUBLIC app - will it change investing forever?

#22 REPUBLIC app - will it change investing forever?

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- What is REPUBLIC app and how to invest in startups with it? - Will it change how startups are raising money?

Republic — Invest in Startups
On Republic, anyone can invest in startups. Become an investor in cutting-edge private companies with as little as $10 ✅


Hey, in this episode, let's talk about another exciting app, which is called Republic. And I definitely advise you to check out this app in this podcast. I just share my thoughts about amazing apps, which should check out and they will bring something to you. So let's talk about Republic app.

So this app has an amazing aim and it wants to democratize investment. So imagine, like, you want to invest in some companies in some startups, but there are a lot of burdens. There are borders which prevent you from doing. So. You need to be some accredited investor in us.

It means you need to prove that you have over 200K annual income or you need to be some part of some investment fund, or you need to have at least 1 million net worth. And there are some other requirements which I don't really know exactly which are of course, they're important after that. If you miss some of these requirements, you just basically can't invest and you can miss some opportunities. So the idea of this app was just to democratize that. And just every regular person can invest, like $50 in some amazing companies and just get some stock, get some shares and then probably sell them for much more expensive price.

That's the idea of the Republic app.

That's what it's about. I just might like my YouTube video about it. Just like a full overview how to use Republic to invest in startups. And I'll just try to share it also on this podcast. So you can go to Republic Co.

That's the website. There is also a cool mobile app. How it works. You just have, like, a portfolio of companies where you can invest. Now, of course, you can filter all these companies by traction by most funded by recently launched Most Traction last week, closing soon.

So there are companies which already have millions and millions, like in the revenues. There are just some small companies and all of that you can filter and buy most traction last week. So don't confuse this app. It's like Robinhood, where you invest in public traded companies. Now, this is just like angel investing, like in some private companies.

And the selection here is like, of course, probably you won't be having the hottest, like Silicon Valley private companies. But who knows, maybe they can also be here. But there is a selection of the companies right now. At this moment. It's like 100, 200 active companies where you can invest.

There are some really amazing ideas and yeah, if you want to be an investor, might be. It makes sense to try out this app and just try to really invest in the real world and spend 100 $200, like $1,000, something like that and just try to invest in the companies and see if your bets work out. So far, there are 500 million invested, $500 million plus 1 million members, 500 deals done.

And then you can see all funded deals.

So Robin Hood raised 11 million Race and purchased with Republic SpaceX, raised 2.3 million Carta Rice, 13 million, some games, even some iconic real estate like condos in downtown Miami. They raise 300,000 Republic and also crypto. So you can invest in four categories, basically start up game in real estate and crypto props. For example, they raise 1,070,000 centralized ecosystem video applications backed by Union Square Ventures.

Some companies where they raised money on Republic. They also got funded from Ycombinators in Horvitz and all of that. So yeah, that's kind of cool. I think that's amazing. And this company, I also heard a lot about it on Twitter on another podcast like this weekend startup this weekend, startups like from Naval, from Team Draper.

You can hear about that.

And it makes complete sense. Like, for me, for example, I'm not basting you ask, how can I get access to all these opportunities? Like, of amazing startups? Should I go to things I need to do before I can actually get into investing world? So like, with this app, I just tried it out.

Seems like super easy. I didn't do like an investment yet, but it seems like you can just go into the app, create an account with your app, like Twitter, some other apps, and then just invest, like starting from $50. So it depends on the company. Some companies allow you even like to invest $10 or $50, and then you can just, hey, I want to invest $50. Tap invest.

Of course, you need to read all the documents or, like, pitch text. There is all the data. Not all like it depends on the company. There is data about traction, about growth, like the agreement, standard, safe agreements and all of that. So you just need to check that out and really carefully.

And there's also I like the part about discussion.

So you can ask them all the questions, participate in discussion. So that's kind of interesting. And of course, this podcast is not like a legal advice for you to invest in many companies and Republic. But of course, you need to somehow I also need to learn how to differentiate good companies from bad, because all of these companies, it's basically like a shark tank. So there are a lot of companies which are rising like few million.

There are already 1000 private investors in each deal, and you just need to figure out which company would make sense if you want to invest $100 or you want to invest like $10,000, even $10,000 investment. If this company really becomes a unicorn, like, massive success can generate a lot of money. Like you can read about Jason Kalaganis or some other famous angel investors who literally invested, like 20K, like 30K in Uber, for example, or some massive companies like that, which then became like, massive success.

I think if it's the right bat, like even ten K or five K can be enough to generate a lot. But for that, I think you need to do a lot of research and not just like, put money everywhere sporadically. However, I don't know what's the best approach. I'm not like the investor advisor, but I think this app is definitely one of the approaches if you want to start with investing.

So like Republic itself raised 64 million in funding more than 100 employees here. It's headquartered in New York.

It's cofounded by Kendrick Guillian from 2016. And what they say here on the CrunchBase, Republic gives people power to invest in the future they believe in by providing access to startup, real estate, crypt and video game investments focused on creating a diverse, assignable connected world. Republic has facilitated over 500 million in investments.

Also recently, my wife on Twitter runs the Hill, like the founder of Camrod, who is very influential on Twitter. So he writes, I think few million for Gum Rod funding on the Republic.

That round was filled, like literally in a day or something like super fast. And imagine before Republic, how would you raise, like, 5 million or 10 million? You need to go to venture capitalist and try to raise all that money. And it's like super exhausting. It can be demanding process.

Of course, it's a nice thing, but it's a lot of effort. But Besides Republic, you can just try to raise that. What about if you want to be a company and apply for Republic funding so you can try that there is some diligence process. I don't know. I didn't apply like, they just select some good fitting companies.

I think the process is like it takes one week for them to see to test your company, whether it fit their criteria. Then there is three to six weeks to have your profile ready and all of that in place. And then you can start your campaign literally in seven weeks, you can start raising money and then your campaign can last for 100 days and you can write 2 million or something.

That's kind of exciting.

I think the whole venture space is super democratized. Right now.

You can see all the companies like Pipe dot com, where if you have already recurring revenue, which generates hundred K every month. So you can actually get that money in cash. If you need like, liquidity right now, you can use five dot com and buy project your revenue, for example, for two years and just buy that in cash. Also, I was checking out on Twitter like Ryan, who were he just basically, I think he runs investment fund and he basically got his liquidity. He was thinking to solve all his investor fees five and then just get liquidity there so you can get the trials of that.

My whole point is that all this process of, like, seed funding, series A funding, series B funding. It's actually super democratized right now. Only if it's a massive series CD funding or like Spa.

I was also listening to that on all in podcast. So just like the whole one share spices changing completely. And I think with Web three, there are so many new opportunities like tokens, so you can invest via tokens. I don't know exactly how that would work yet, but I think I already heard, like in Ukraine, a company did that any company already doing that, that you can just raise money via crypto from like, individual investors, raising some talk and just build that and there you have it.

You don't even need a Republic.

So it's moving at sign speed. Like all this price is changing and decentralizing and moving away from this big massive corporate investor funds with massive requirements and all of that. So that's actually super encouraging and super cool. So anyway, that was just my Republic. I'd definitely go check it out.

I also made some YouTube videos. This podcast will be on my website with transcript Mrhack. Io. So go check it out. My YouTube channel is YouTube.com/mrhack.

SSubscribe there and let's meet up in the next episodes.

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