Podcasts tab in YouTube Studio - what is it? How to use?

So you can see there is a new tab in YouTube. It's called podcasts. So yeah, they just added it here and then you can just add the new podcast from here. So yeah, it's super easy. So you can just create a new podcast right in YouTube and then just add title description for your podcast. And then it will just be like a separate playlist. Yeah, and it's a new feature which was just recently released here, which you can now test out. So yeah, that's basically a new idea for you to get more audiences and to reach out to more people. Of course, previously you could just upload videos to YouTube to get more traction and visibility, but now it has more like official labels. So you can get some badges on your podcast. It will be officially available in YouTube music. You can be featured on YouTube com podcast, official search cards and all of that. Yeah, and then you can just also create new podcast. You can also change some of your playlist to the podcast. So bunch of features.

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