hello everyone so here is post news app uh it's trending right now um it's considered one of the alternatives for Twitter it's in the very early stages at this moment it's like better version uh you can only get here sort of the waiting list so you need to go and sign up and post that news for the waiting list and then uh probably you're gonna be accepted but I don't know the terms there were more than 130 000 people on the waiting list already so probably it's getting closer to you know hundreds of thousands or a million right now but anyhow I got access so I'll just show you a preview of this app so it looks very minimalistic um yeah very nice easy design everything kind of super similar to Twitter with few additional features uh yeah to be clear there is no Android native app or iPhone IOS app it's not on Google Play store or IOS app store it's just you can access it via browser uh just go to Safari or go to Google Chrome if you really want to have an app experience or close to it just tap on your profile on top left and then you can just tap install a post news app and then open in in Safari tab share icon and add it like to the home screen like this and then just tap add and then you will be able to to click on it like as an icon like this um and then you can also like remove it or uh so you can just drag it around so something around that uh yeah it's just easier experience for for your home screen anyhow so here you can see all the posts you can like those you can share them um you kind of retweet uh um yup something like that as I said like the app uh it's really basic right now there aren't like some huge features but they are coming there are more and more being developed the team is really working super hard I think to push all of these new features uh to create a post you just tap on this pencil icon in the bottom right and then uh you can write some content uh and then you can attach some image from your camera or from your photo library or just add some selfie then there is your icon in the top right where you can select the privacy of this post similar as on Twitter so you have everyone only followers only readers mentioned um who can do that and then you can select Twitter automatically share your content with all your Twitter followers that feature is coming soon or you can select my my exist postpaid post must have 280 characters to add a pie wall you can set the price before publishing so you can also do that [Music] um so that's basically the the idea and then uh yeah some features are still is still coming it's interesting feature with with the pie wall I'm not saying the post news is kind of like only fans but definitely that trying this concept and compared to Twitter on post news you have much more uh monetization features like you can tip uh users you can hide your post under under payroll and there's like your payment dashboard so this app is kind of much more focused on monetization aspect for creators so if you have a huge following on this app and sometime in future if you're really providing some insights or some cool creative content then probably you can really earn some Revenue I guess that's that's the idea and then you can just tap pause in the top right and then you will post something to your feed so you can go to any profile you can tap follow to follow them you can unfollow then there are three dots you can share a profile you can flag or report so as you can see there aren't that many followers yet people there's not like thousands uh followers people just definitely given a try to this app trying it out um and then yeah here in top left you have uh your profile uh you can go to your profile here you have the balance of your points so that's you can add more points you can buy them you can buy 300 points for for uh dollars 20 cents you can also add like a payment method just basically at the moment it's just credit card I'm not sure if they accept PayPal or Pioneer or crypto I don't think so at this moment um so here you have these appointments sorry points for payments um when you create an account you instantly you're getting 50 points in the beginning then you can just add the job profile you can add your Social Links change your username once when you create your account add your bio location and that's basically it add your profile picture um then you will see all your posts you can delete your previous posts you can see your replies you can see your media so as you can see super similar layout as you have on Twitter but that's what makes it easy it's not as you know Mastodon or something where you need to re-educate yourself completely how social media works here it's like very minimalistic and very easy to understand uh I just want to go back to my profile the app also can be just a bit buggy because there are so many new users trying it out or is still in beta um then there are settings you can see who you're following who are your followers um yeah then there are payments which is interesting features so here you can see all your transactions um and then for example yeah there is an account where you can change email password you can see your payments dashboard deposits dashboard you can add your wallet which I shot and then there is like about and browsers help and support so for example if you want to delete your account I would just go through here so we'll delete through the support section there is no option to delete an account right in the app um yeah it's not there so if you're concerned about like your private data or just that just tap to delete your account in the support I actually prefer that apps clearly have that button to delete an account on my personal data right in the app so I don't need to reach out to support that shows off like some high quality app so I hope they will add it here in the future um so yeah and then if I go again to my home feed I think there is no like some huge algorithm at the moment so it's very chronological order of these tweets or over these posts uh then for example you want to tap tip and that's where you need to have a points so you want to tip someone with a with amount to tip hundred percent of the tip will go to the Creator uh you can pay with sports balance or you can buy more post points here so that's kind of like a deep jar feature uh that's how creators can monetize their content just by tipping on YouTube is like super thanks uh also on Twitter you have this like tip jar you have it then also creators can create by World content as on only fans so that's also quite interesting uh so yeah um that's about that you can go through and explore more through their FAQ section uh points payments Creator tools flagging content um what is pause how to sign up uh how do you share a post how to link the so so again to delete your account please see my support at post news with the following subject line in details below subject line to activate and delete link to your profile reason for requesting to have your account deleted the email must come from Simon Wilderness that is associated with your account so yeah anyhow this is just a quick overview of the post news app definitely give it a try it's it's it's getting more popular on Twitter people are mentioning that as a possible alternative so give it a try

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