POST NEWS IS OPEN to EVERYONE! App overview & new updates

so finally post news app is is open to everyone and there is no longer a white list to uh to join post so you can just go to and create your account for free it's kind of one of the Twitter Alternatives and some users some influencers actually jumped there everyone is just looking for it can be some alternative site to Twitter for some period and yeah but this is an interesting app and they are just releasing also some new features so let's just go through it together so there is now a news feed whereas I just introduced all these new uh Publishers joining them like Fortune writers like uh you see USA Today and all of that so this app still doesn't have like you know not nearly the velocity which Twitter has it just has like two three likes five likes uh um so that's basically the idea then there is like a default feed uh sorry custom default feed uh now you get to decide the default for new users will be the Explorer and I can update this to following or you want a news feed so yeah you can just customize that there is Newsfeed as I told there are some new tools for my durators so a lot of updates really coming out and then there is like a trust metric uh so they're trying to to implement some a bit more advanced Community which is pretty cool um this trust metrics as infrastructure for future Community moderators similar to Wikipedia or wise we plan on engaging the post Community to moderate content based on Service rules um so yeah that's basically some of these things um and then your account it can move between these levels like allowing to post to uh all followers no Postman and should someone abuse the system they will demoted to more post status which allow them to comment and participate but not pause for new posts and then your account can be suspended and then it just depends how Community reacts and flags your content so all of these like features just being built in uh but yeah here you just have this app you have following tab it kind of looks like Twitter but I like this minimalistic design and the color scheme then you can just go to like explore tab or you can explore uh other people posts you can tip people you can like or retweet um you can create a new post something like that there are all these settings you can automatically share your content with all your Twitter followers coming soon you can make a paid post similar as to only fans haha like uh yeah you can maybe get some tips or get some paid subscribers to reach your content um and then here if you want to install the app there is no app at the moment it's only like Progressive web app where you can install an icon to your home screen so yeah then basically you have all the feedback all the settings of the privacy and this app is changing a lot um uh they are building right it right now and there are a lot of users just actually trying to follow it so yeah that's basically a quick preview so give it a try now it's open for everyone so just go to and you can create an account and yeah a lot of people asking there is no Android app there is no IOS app you can only access in the browser either Chrome or Safari so if you found this helpful for you you can like this video so more people can enjoy this content also you can become a member on my channel like a patreon but you can just join tap the join button underneath this video and hope this can be helpful

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