PostParty app - what is it? Quick overview

hey there here is post party app which is growing and becoming pretty popular in gaming apps so yeah this is like a super easy easy way to share your fortnite clips so how does it work just create an account in post party Apple login with your existing epic games account then just you can Capture Moments from fortnite or rocket league with the press and hold of a button on your controller a post party will save store and even organize your content in the app when you are ready you can easily trim your clips and share them however you like so I just logged in with my epic games account and then yeah uh there you have it so now you have your account and when you're just playing doesn't matter on your PC on your Xbox you can just link uh first party app right and then uh um uh yeah we will save store and even organize your content on the app so yeah that's basically the idea uh and then there is also some tutorials here which you can explore and then there is some like starter guide where you can easily clip save and then just share this uh moments uh so yeah just follow the instructions here um so yeah with your account connected you can start clipping in the game and it's like super easy to use uh and then your Clips are prompted after elimination but you can use it anytime and then just with your controller you can just easily save these clips to the app anyhow you can watch these instructions uh yeah so that's basically the idea and then you can just have them here and then just share it easily hope that's helpful

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