Pre-order of TRUTH SOCIAL is now available - how to install?

hey everyone so in itunes store it now says that your pre-order of true social is not available uh your pre-order through social ability mediator llc is now well if you have set your return reference automatically download pre-purchased content this item might already be in your library this item is already available on any computer devices to which you have enabled automatic downloads if you have not enabled automatic downloads you can download this item now from your purchase page so let's just go here to that to the app store and now it just sends me this notification and then i can just go to my account and i can see basically that this app was already downloaded for me so there you have it so that's the app so now you can just open it up and it should be available um the app size is just 10 megabytes and as you can see it was released like nine hours ago or something so there you have it hope this is helpful and now of course you can just open the app and then you can just create an account

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