Product Tagging in YouTube - Pilot Programme - overview & how to track revenue?

hello so there is a new pilot program with product tagging on youtube so i joined that program and um yeah but the question is how do you see all the revenue coming from that um like how do you see exactly how much you earn this product tagging and all of that you can understand this this is a pilot program um so that's basically that so what i did i just reached out to the team you can reach out to them to this email product tagging on youtube at so what they say here revenue for product tagging will be reported on 12th of each month from the previous month's activity the product tagging revenue payment will be included in your monthly adsense payment on the 21st of each month when the report is published you can find it by the following these steps sign to youtube studio from the left minute just go to analytics go to revenue tab revenue sources and find product tag in revenue so i think you can just do it on desktop in your browser just go to like analytics just scroll down a bit there is revenue tab revenue sources usually there you will have two main sources which like ads which is more than 90 and then there is youtube premium revenue which is like people who subscribe to youtube premium and watching your videos so that's usually like super small percentage but still there is some revenue from there of course some people can have membership revenue like super thanks or all other types but usually there are these two types and then there should be a new tab which is called product tagging revenue um and then yeah but i just checked out i still don't have the tab however i joined this pilot a while ago but probably i still need to wait for the 12th of them months to be able to check the activity for that months so hope that's that and that is helpful uh so in case you're wondering that's how you can check your product tagging revenue and more about this program so i just received an email like hey do you want to participate participate in this pilot or not so you can't enable that you can't apply for it maybe you can just email them and ask if your if your channel is available for this feature so you can just try to do that and they say that even if you didn't produce any tagging revenues i will pay you guaranteed eighty dollars per month uh if you produce some revenues i will pay you for that and the the cap is at is fifty thousand dollars per month like but of course you need to have a massive channel for that so the idea overall of this new feature is that if you for example do any video about iphone and you mention an iphone in your videos there will be like auto generated either links or just like product tags i don't know how exactly that looks like in your youtube videos and then if people click on these links and purchase the product then you will earn some revenue so instead you manually add in this like affiliate link somewhere in description or like some cards yeah you can just deliver that to google and then google will just use all this ai like machine learning techniques to put the best product on the best location in most fitted well suited for that your videos so that's that i think that's how it works of course nothing stops you from also adding your own affiliate links let's see how this program evolves and if it's like a complete like nasty burger or there is something to it let's see this experiment

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