Ramse app glitchy - what to do?

so here's rom's app and seems it's like pretty buggy um so it's a nice idea uh but um like a lot of people are mentioning here first that the app is like super slow so as you can just go here it's like nice idea lots very slow want to have a nice experience with apps it's something new but needs to fix uh fix technical issues please fix bugs i don't know this absinthe and it was gonna be a good experience however nice attempted upload profile picture someone else picture card popping up just click the fix it and yeah you can see all the reviews does not even work horrible uh so that's that so the idea is nice but it's just a bit uh slow and there are some bugs i tried to open it up and it really seemed kind of slow but hopefully it will be fixed soon you can always reach out to their support so you can just try to reach out here for their support or something like that

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