Ramse app - SLOW, BUGS - what to do?

so i'm just going through the ramps app or amps app and it's like pretty slow for me so if i want to open some story or like read some posts or comments it just keeps loading and yes and that just takes forever i try to change wi-fi to 3g 4g uh maybe i just have an old phone i have iphone 7 but like other apps just still work really fine here so i don't know uh what what the issue could be here maybe this app is just not prepared for the scale or do you have the same issue everyone i don't see like many bugs but just the issue is that this app is quite like super slow and all of that um so yeah even if i just go to some other page or something like that it just takes this like loading yeah so i don't know what the issue here is some other apps just crash uh like you know and other apps just slow like this so any suggestions like how to overcome this or i just need to wait for another app update uh for this app to yeah and to become faster or something i don't think this is due to my wifi speed because other apps just working smoothly so what do you think

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